Long Term Value

Since 40 years centrotherm has been developing and realizing thermal solutions for the PV industry. As supplier of PECVD systems, oxidation and diffusion as well as fast-firing furnaces, we have successfully implemented more than 2500 single systems and 50 turnkey production lines all over the world.

With our broad expertise, German quality standards and future-oriented technologies we enable our customers to produce solar cells of highest quality at lowest manufacturing costs.

We are continuously improving established processes and are working on the integration of new process steps for upcoming cell designs and their implementation into mass production.

Leadership in PV Technology

As market-leading technology and equipment provider, we are collaborating with industrial partners and research institutes. We join forces to develop technologies and production processes for high-efficiency solar cells such as PERC, bifacial n-type or IBC.

Guaranteed Upgradeability

Our production systems allow for efficiency and throughput upgrades as well as the integration of advanced processes required for up-to-date and future solar cell designs. In this way centrotherm customers are able to sustainably apply state-of-the-art technology.

Best-in-class overall performance

Since its very beginnings in the development of thermal solutions, centrotherm places strong emphasis on system uptime and throughput as well as process stability and total cost-of-ownership.

Quality 'Made in Germany'

We attach greatest importance to the fact that we are developing, engineering and manufacturing all systems exclusively at our German headquarters. Thus, we are totally focussing on quality and competence “Made in Germany“.