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Corporate news

Customer expands photovoltaic value chain with centrotherm SiTec technology and equipment Around EUR 50 million of sales potential in the crystallization and wafer area will be expected by 2011 read more

Corporate news

Advanced contract negotiations with well-known customers Major interest in ISE-certified solar cells with 19.1 percent efficiency, and in the 24 Pair CVD reactor read more

Press release

Die Bundesregierung hat das Kunststück vollbracht, die Sonnenenergie als die erneuerbare Energiequelle mit dem höchsten energetischen Potenzial nur am Rande im neuen Energiekonzept der Bundesrepublik Deutschland zu erwähnen....read more

Corporate news

Higher output and energy-savings enable lower production costs More than 25 units of reactors and converters already sold read more

Corporate news

ISE-certified solar cells with 19.1 percent efficiency Efficiency enhancements through product updates New system design on the market from 2011 read more

Corporate news

centrotherm photovoltaics AG has achieved a notable sales success, and signed several contracts for production systems and equipment in its solar cell business area with well-known Asian customers over the past few days. The...read more

Corporate news

centrotherm SiTec GmbH, a 100 percent subsidiary of centrotherm photovoltaics AG, has achieved a new cell efficiency record through an improved process in its crystallization furnace to produce multi-crystalline ingots. Average...read more