c.DO Conveyor Furnace

DO-DS Muffle Furnace

Muffle Furnace for Serial Production and R&D

With a wide product range, adjusted to all thick film processes demands to muffle furnaces, centrotherm provides flexible and reliable systems for economic and efficient production.

A fully integrated multi-channel microprocessor system monitors and controls all relevant process parameters. Data logging of process data for documentation and quality management is part of the system. Gas purity and gas flow inside the process channel plays a central role to the product quality.

All centrotherm muffle furnaces are characterized by an excellent gas separation between Burn-In and Burn-Out section. The special design of the air ventilation ensures an optimal laminar air flow in the Burn-In section as well as an uniform velocity in the Burn-Out section.

The conveyor systems are ideal for processes with the need of 100% N2, 100% H2 and forming gas.


  • Process temperature up to 1150°C
  • Excellent cross-temperature uniformity
  • Optimal designed air flow in the plateau
  • Easy temperature profile adjustment by separate controlled heating zones


  • Thick Film
  • MLCC
  • LTCC
  • DCB
  • Annealing (100% H2)
  • Glas/Metal sealing


  • 100% H2- or forming gas atmosphere (N2/H2)
  • Belt cleaning with ultrasonic or brushes
  • Air purifyer
  • Manual hand wheel
  • Condensation trap at exhaust
  • Integrated profiling device
  • Walking beam transport instead of belt transport
  • combination of a dryer and muffle system