c.VLO 300 HT

VLO 300 HT Vacuum Soldering Equipment

High-temperature vacuum soldering up to 750 ° C for electronics production

c.VLO 300 HT is a new vacuum soldering system for high-temperature vacuum soldering up to 750 °C  at high vacuum (10-6 mbar).

The system is designed for applications that require special solder such as glass solder, aluminum solder or silver solder being processed above the typical achieved vacuum soldering temperature of 450 °C.

Glass solders are applied in the temperature range between 400 and 600 °C. Ideal is a process temperature of 500 °C. Lead-free solders are usually processed at temperatures beyond 500 °C. Typical applications include MEMS packaging but also fuel cells or optoelectronics housing.

The new c.VLO 300 HT is based on the highly flexible proven modular c.VLO concept. The customer has the choice of many different process gases for various applications in the field of MEMS, power semiconductor, advanced packaging and optoelectronics. In principle, the system can also be used for many other applications and products.

The basic model with a chamber volume of 300 liters is equipped with one nitrogen gas line. Depending on the customer product, application and materials to be soldered, two additional gas lines can be added. The entire c.VLO product family offers the possibility to run processes with the following gases: N2/H2 (95/5 %), 100 % H2.

Especially for c.VLO 300 HT the existing safety concept has been extended. Additional heating elements, a one piece vacuum chamber, and a new heating and cooling technology for fast heating and cooling rates resulting in short process times, have been developed.

The software and recipe creation is characterized by the well-known comfort of a touch panel PC. For traceability all process parameters (temperature, pressure, gas flows, etc.) are evaluated.


  • Prozesstemperaturen bis 450°C
  • hohe Temperaturstabilität
  • Aufheizrate bis zu 250 K/min
  • Abkühlrate bis zu 180 K/min
  • Vakuum von bis zu 10-5 mbar
  • sehr kurze Taktzeit (< 5 Minuten)


  • Advanced Packaging
  • Power Semiconductors
  • MEMS
  • Optoelectronics
  • Fuel Cell