c.VLO 40 HP

VLO HP: High Pressure Vacuum Soldering Equipment
VLO HP: High Pressure Vacuum Soldering Equipment

High-Pressure Vacuum Soldering System for Advanced Packaging

The centrotherm c.VLO 40 HP meets the market demands and enables soldering with overpressure. The system has been designed for several applications to achieve voidless soldering joints.

c.VLO 40 HP is a unique system within the centrotherm c.VLO family with max. 3bar chamber pressure. The overpressure has positive effects on void reduction during the soldering process, offering the full proven functionality like all other c.VLOs.

This system is ideal for production facilities which run fluxless and voidless soldering processes with various gas atmospheres (N2, H2 100, N2/H2 95/5). Even lead free paste or pre-forms can be used without additional flux.

The software and recipe creation is characterized by the well-known comfort of a touch panel PC. Any process parameters (temperature, pressure, gas flow, etc.) can be evaluated for traceability.


    • Vacuum and overpressure in one system
    • Process temperature up to 450°C
    • Excellent temperature uniformity
    • Heating ramp up to 50 K/min
    • Cooling rate up to 160 K/min
    • Safety PLC
    • Highest flexibility based on proven modular VLO design


    • Power Semiconductors
    • Advanced Packaging
    • Hybrid Microelectronic Assemblies
    • Optoelectronic Packaging
    • Hermetic Package Sealing
    • Wafer Level Packaging
    • UHB LED Packaging
    • MEMS Package Sealing